WatchKit simulator displays spinner, willActivate is not called

So you developed your first WatchKit app, except when you’re testing it in the simulator all it does is display the spinner.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 06 Apr 2015 11.19.35

More over, method willActivate from WKInterfaceController is never called. That means the app is never displayed on the watch for the user to see. It’s as if the display was locked.

In my experience there is nothing wrong with the app, might be just small bugs that will be fixed in the later versions of XCode/simulator. You can force display on the watch. With the Simulator in focus go to menu “Hardware” and choose “Lock”. At this time your phone/watch is locked. Now, do the same thing “Hardware” then “Lock” and unlock the phone by dragging on the screen. Method “willActivate” should no be called and your app screen will be displayed on the watch display.